Want to be a successful Virtual Assistant? Well...


If you’re based in the UK, just starting out as a VA, or haven't started just yet


Have PA or office admin experience and now ready to build your own business


Want to make an incredible living without burning yourself out


Want to work from home with your little ones

You've spent hours scouring the internet on how to become a VA

BUT little is UK applicable… (Really, what’s up with that?!)

Keep on reading, my friend.

Once Upon A Time This Was Me...

👇 P**sed off by these👇

The daily commute | Office Politics| Under Appreciation aka 'my boss being a tosser' | Limited Income | Begging for time off | Juggling life around work


👇  It made me feel a bit like this.  What about you ? Relate much? 👇

Put down the bottle, wipe the tears - I'm here to help

Because it just so happens

I've created a handy dandy, all-in-one, superstar starter guide,  

what you need to know and more

Virtual Assistant eGuide

(Believe me, I poured my heart and soul into this!)


This fabulous guide will help get your VA business up and running with ease, speed, and excitement.

What do I share with you?  Well let's see!

(PLUS keep reading to learn about the THREE FREE bonuses!)

Sales & Marketing

You cannot sell a product without marketing. Marketing comes first! Learn how to network and reach your ideal client with high quality, relevant, and irresistible content


Learn my 5x5 strategy to build genuine connections and go where your ideal client hangs out (having a few new online friends wouldn’t hurt either!)


Find out how to create a brand that leaves an impression, while telling your customers what to expect from your company. Logos do more than just look good- they attract the right kind of clients for you.


Everything you need to know to stay protected for those “just in case” scenarios. An easy to understand breakdown to know exactly what type of insurance is best for your business. 


The decisions and choices we make are a reflection of our beliefs.  It is important you know what your values are so they align with your business message.  They tell your potential customer what you stand for.


Start off on the right foot! Have a clear understanding of your customers and the challenges they wish to solve with your services, so you’ll be able to tailor your messaging and approach.

Bonus 1

⭐️ FREE ⭐️

VA Virtual Toolkit

Such a time, energy, and money saver - this is super handy list of online tools I use/used to run my VA business and/or my Agency.  Oh my goodness, if someone had just told me about these gems early on I would have saved a fortune in subscription fees, save myself wasted set-up time and let-down time.

Bonus 2

⭐️ FREE ⭐️

VA Rate Calculator

Time to do the happy dance! I help you take the guesswork out with my VA Rate Calculator.  You simply enter in a few details like your outgoings and how many hours you want to work and just like magic my calculator will tell you how much you need to charge per hour to be a profitable VA.

Bonus 3

⭐️ FREE ⭐️

VA Goal Planner

Do you know you are more likely to succeed when you write down your goals.  It's true.  When I first started out as a VA way back when,  I committed to making £3k per month within 6 months, I did it in 4 months.  I told myself I wanted to build my agency by 2022, I did it by early 2021.  Just two of many examples. Set yourself goals and do at least three things to work towards those goals each day with my customisable goal planner.

“Get ready to THRIVE…”

I’m so glad I found Amanda, having someone who has expert knowledge of being a VA in the UK, was the missing link for me. She just gets it.


Amanda has extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience... she has always made me feel completely comfortable, helping me to grow and expand my skills to push my VA experience to the next level. 

~Kayleigh, Ascot~


Receive yours today

*cue gasps of uncontainable excitement and awe

for just






⭐️ £9.97 ⭐️

£9.97, I know!  Pretty incredible right!  That's less than it costs to pop into B&M (ya know what I mean, pop in for one thing, leave with 11ty billion things)

Let me remind you again what you are getting

My own VA eGuide containing inspiration and guidance on

  • Social
  • Branding
  • Insurance
  • Values
  • Onboarding

  Plus 3

  • VA Virtual Toolkit
  • VA Rate Calculator
  • VA Goal Planner 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no experience?

PA or admin experience is better, but not essential! This eGuide will provide you super valuable info (and bonus tools) that will help you get your businesses up and running in the UK!

What payment types do you accept?

PayPal and all major debit and credit cards. 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, all payments are final (but once you dive in, you’ll want to hold onto this).

Are results typical?

Results all depend on YOU. Crucial answers lie within this eGuide; it's just a matter of how you apply yourself and do the work. 

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