The Roadmap

A Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) is likened often to a bus driver.  

The client has the vision, mission and goal in mind but does not know how 

to get to the destination. The OBM, (the bus driver) does!  


Perhaps you're not ready for an ongoing OBM just yet but you do need the

roadmap that will get your business where it deserves to be.  Well - here is

your chance.   For a limited time only!

Features and Awards

Who Is 'The Roadmap' For?

"Even if you are on the right track you'll get run over if you just sit there!"

~Will Rogers~

The Roadmap Is For You If...

#1 You have so many ideas but unsure how to unravel them into a cohesive plan

#2 You are distracted by shiny objects, things, ideas... oh is that a squirrel?

#3 You are constantly busy but you are not seeing the fruit of your endevours

#4 The to-do list is never to-done, you may even have given up looking at it!

#4 You are finally realising you cannot do it all... can I get a hallelujah!

#5. You're simply overwhelmed and need to get it out of your head and into a plan

Finally:  The Roadmap is DEFINITELY for you didn't notice there were two number 4's!

How Does It Work?


Book a chat

Yep - you have to take your eyes off the shiny objects for a moment, and stop chasing squirrels long enough to book a 15 minute chat with me.  

During this short chat, I will learn about your business, and the area(s) you need mapping out. We can discuss your operations, systems and goals in this VIP experience.

On this short, no obligation, free call we can decide if The Roadmap is what you need, if we both agree, then we book The Roadmap Session

Book The Roadmap Session

When you have booked The Roadmap session, you will receive a detailed questionnaire. Yes, that means more time away from chasing squirrels!  

These questions will help me understand your vision, mission and goals and are crucial to helping me develop a custom fit experience, tailored to your unique vision and The Roadmap.

We spend 90 minutes doing a deep dive into your business and the roadblocks which are holding you back. 

The Roadmap

I spend the next 10 days working on The Roadmap for your business.  At the end of those 10 days I provide you with a 90 day plan (roadmap) based on your vision, mission and goals and the steps and actions needed to achieve them.  

You then have 4 choices:

1. Ask your team to implement The Roadmap actions for you.

2. Implement the actions yourself.

3. Do nothing with The Roadmap and go back to chasing shiny objects and/or squirrels.

4. Check my availability to implement the actions for you on a three month retainer.

But Wait, There's More!

Oh that sounds cheesy!  Though there really is more...

The Roadmap

In addition to receiving The Roadmap for your business, broken down into a clear 90 day action plan with small bite-size steps to help you finally reach your vision, mission and goals, you will also receive...


✅ 14 days of email support following delivery of The Roadmap

✅ One 30 minute progress review call at any point during the 90 days.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road!

The Roadmap

The full price of this package is 

Calls £142.50 + Roadmap Planning £1,800.00 + Email support £630.00

Total  Value £2,572.50

When did I become one of those 'wait there's more' people?!

So annoying!

Sign up today to receive offers just like this, and some other occasional awesomeness by way of tips and pretty hilarious (if I do say so myself) updates, you will receive a further £300 off if you are on my email list via the very underwhelming form.

Common Questions

Do I really get an extra £300 off just for signing up to your mailing list?Yeah!  That's it!  As long as when you book The Roadmap you are on my mailing list, I will give you the extra £300 off.  I really am that awesome!

How long does the detailed questionnaire take to complete?Well that's up to you.  How serious are you about finally gettig your biz on the right path?  I would recommend setting aside 2 hours - dont worry that is not all writing time but allowing yourself time to really reflect on what you want for your business will help you greatly. I'm not about throwing money at things for the sake of it - if we're going to do this, we're going to do it right!

When do you need the detailed questionnaire back by?I need this at least 3 working days before The Roadmap booked call - this allows me to prepare to support you in the most efficient and effective way.

What is the refund policy?Full payment is due upon booking of The Roadmap session.  That's the 90 min call, not the free 15 minute call.

If you cancel before I have received your detailed questionnaire back, you are entitled to a full refund. 

If you cancel after I have received your detailed questionnaire but before The Roadmap session call, you will receive a 50% refund.  At this point you also have a choice as to whether you would like to reserve a space for another time in the next three months.  Should you do that, just the balance 50% will be payable before the The Roadmap rebooked session.

If you do not rebook The Roadmap session for a date within three months of your cancellation no place will be held for you and the balance 50% is not refundable.

If you cancel after our Roadmap session call, you will not receive a refund of any amount.