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Did you know you can get a 1:1 Coaching / Guidance session with me?

What is a Power Hour?  A Power Hour is one hour with me, Amanda Hyde-Pierce coming in Live via Zoom, where I help you get to grips with automation, systems, or processes so you can get started on leveling up your business!  

What does the Process of a Power Hour Look Like?

When your enquiry is made I will send you a simple questionnaire, which gives me specific information on your business. I will personally review the details and only if I believe I can provide exceptional service in line with what you are asking for, do I move forward with your request.


Before our power hour, I will strategise and research your requirements and issues. The pre-meeting work together with my questionnaire ensures that we can make the very best use of our hour together, where I’ll thoroughly explain to you my findings and guidance, based on that research and my experience.


Whether you want specific help or more general guidance, I have a Power Hour just for you.

Automation & Project Management Systems

There are many tools out there, from my personal fav's Active Campaign and Click-up to other well estabilished products like Asana, Keap, Basecamp and Teamwork... the list goes on.   In our power hour I can help you find the right tools or combination of tools for your business or even train you and/or your team on a new implementation.



Agreed processes for the who and how's in your business saves time and money and helps avoid legal woes that mistakes and confusion can cause.   I recommend every business with 2 or more people have Standard Operating Procedures as a must!  Want to  learn how to implement these in your own business? I can help you!

Amanda Hyde-Pierce

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